Cleveland Cavaliers have no interest in trading Kevin Love

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With this year's draft top loaded with quality big men, there's a strong possibility the Cavs will have their pick of one of the elite guards, perhaps Oklahoma's Trae Young or Alabama's Collin Sexton - two players James has praised in the past.

Since the National Basketball Association insists on holding its draft before the start of free agency, the Cavs have quite the dilemma when it comes to the No. 8 overall pick on Thursday night.

All of this makes sense, as my source said, the chances LeBron could actually be convinced to go to LA are low due to the high amount of things that would have to happen.

In addition, the source also reveals that LeBron James' camp has been in contact with the Cavs front office and that James has made it pretty clear over the years that he wants to be in Cleveland and raise his family there.

These teams, in fact, had been rumored as to have offered LeBron juicy proposals to lure James come and be part of their respective organizations.

The Cleveland Cavaliers with or without LeBron James will show some love for the team's second leading scorer in Kevin Love. So I got four. He has to let the Cavaliers know by June 29 whether or not he will opt out of the previous year of his contract. He can hit free agency this summer if he declines the player option on his contract with the Cavaliers.

Although he had his most efficient season as a Cavalier during his 59 regular season games, the 29-year-old struggled throughout much of the postseason, at least for his standards.

J.R. Smith, George Hill, Tristan Thompson, and Jordan Clarkson collectively will take up roughly $62 million in cap space next season.

"Anything is possible", Love said of his future after the Finals.

We doubt the Cavs - who have paid nearly $500 million in combined salaries and luxury taxes the last three seasons - would take on Parsons' contract. None of those players was able to be much of a help as the Cavs struggled through the Eastern Conference and found themselves swept in the NBA Finals. According to the draft expert, however, the Cavs may not be willing to wait that long to make their selection, as he noted that "there's buzz that the Cavs may try to trade ahead of Chicago to land Porter". A team like the Rockets with a James Harden could be one, but until James makes a decision, it's all speculation for now.