Donald Trump Wants "His People" To Treat Him Like Kim Jung

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"The whole landscape has shifted, and I believe that we should give exercises, major exercises, a pause to see if (North Korean leader) Kim Jong Un is in fact serious about his part in negotiations", retired Admiral Harry Harris, who just stepped down as head of the USA military's Pacific Command, told a Senate hearing.

President Vladimir Putin on Thursday conveyed to a senior North Korean official an invitation for Kim Jong Un to visit Russian Federation as he praised the results of his summit with Donald Trump.

U.S. President Donald Trump claims he has "largely solved" the crisis over Pyongyang's nuclear program after his historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. "While dialogue continues between the two Koreas and the U.S. and North Korea, we will carefully consider whether to suspend the Korea-U.S. joint drills", Moon said.

Trump, speaking Friday with reporters gathered on the North Lawn after his surprise appearance on Fox, offered new insight into his relationship with the recluse leader.

The odd moment was captured during Trump's visit to Singapore for a summit with Kim this week, with North Korean state television broadcasting the footage Thursday.

Trump drew on emotional language when a reporter asked how he could essentially defend North Korea's human rights record despite the kidnapping that resulted in the death of Otto Warmbier, a deceased former American hostage Trump and diplomats helped free.

"I don't want to see a nuclear weapon destroy you and your family", he told reporters.

"Look, he's doing what he's seen done", Trump told Greta Van Susteren when asked about Kim starving his own people. I can call him.

He went on to say that when Kim speaks, "his people sit up at attention". In 2017, the United States imposed sanctions on the country because of its "flagrant" abuse of human rights. "That's what gets you nuclear war", he said at a conference in early May.

Trump has been lavishing praise on Kim ever since he wrapped up his summit with the despot on Tuesday, calling him "funny", "smart", "very talented" and someone who "loves his people". Nobody thought we were going to get that.

When we can be sure there will be no more nuclear, he responded. I want to have a good relationship with many other countries, he said. So the only thing I did was I met.

Gen. Kim Do-gyun, center, speaks to the media before leaving for the border village of Panmunjom to attend South and North Korea meeting, at the Office of the South Korea-North Korea Dialogue in Seoul, South Korea, today. "You don't understand sarcasm".

He added that Mr Trump and Mr Kim had a "blunt conversation" about the changes needed for North Korea to rejoin the world community.