LeBron James To Philadelphia 76ers Not A 'Good Move' For Him: Howard

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The NBA's free agency market officially opens on 1 July and three-time championship victor James, 33, must decide by 29 June if he will stay at the Cavs or sign with another franchise.

Rev Macon told Fox 8: "We, the clergy of Greater Cleveland, are calling for a life-sized statue of LeBron James to be erected in this city, and a street named in his honour".

"I'm with LeBron every All-Star", George said.

With the ability to opt out of his contract, the 4-time MVP can become a free agent, potentially paving the way for another exit from Cleveland - or perhaps a long-term contract with the Cavs. After all, LeBron can pick up his $35.6 million option to play at least one more season in Cleveland. "I like playing with him".

Which is why the Los Angeles Lakers represents the best opportunity for LeBron James to win another National Basketball Association title.

If you're less concerned with whether LeBron James would dump his son in Los Angeles and then take a job in, say, Miami than with why Gary Payton would even know the first thing about where LeBron James and Savannah Brinson are planning to send their son to school in the fall, hey, knock it off!

The 33-year-old was able to drag his hometown side to the NBA Finals where they faced the Golden State Warriors for the fourth straight year, but failed to make it a competitive series with the defending champions sweeping them last week. But Lillard is too expensive on his current contract for the Lakersto afford him, George, and James in a practical way. Seeing the two of them together would be a scary thought for opposing teams.