Stephen Colbert & Jimmy Fallon Unite to Address Trump Comments

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Three US talk show hosts have teamed up to lampoon Donald Trump over comments made by the president during a rally.

On Tuesday, the three late night personalities teamed up for a almost unprecedented cross-network sketch that served as the cold open for both Fallon's Tonight Show, on NBC, and Colbert's Late Show, on CBS, at the same time.

When asked by Fallon what he was up to, Colbert said he was "busy having no talent", another barb Trump hurled at the late night hosts. "I heard he said we're all no talent, lowlife, lost souls..." "Because now he's gonna lose all of us", Trump said. Colbert states, proudly. As the pair chat, Fallon tells Colbert about the president mocking the two of them during his rally, calling them "no talent, lowlife lost souls".

O'Brien cautions the hosts to be civil. "If I couldn't I'd be in big trouble ... they're not talented people". "Trump, no stranger to tweeting his every thought, wrote: "@jimmyfallon is now whimpering to all that he did the famous "hair show" with me (where he seriously messed up my hair), & that he would have now done it differently because it is said to have "humanized" me - he is taking heat.

It followed Trump disparaging them at a SC rally on Monday.

After being told the president was referring to him, Colbert determined Trump was afraid to say his name because he was in Colbert's home state of SC.

"Red Hen!" Colbert said, closing the segment and leading into the opening credits. You can cut me open and count the rings of BBQ. The moment went viral and led to criticism for Fallon.

Colbert also had Laura Benanti's Melania Trump return to the show with more clothes to distract people from real issues, including an "F THE KIDS" hat ("It stands for "first the kids"), a "BELIEVE MY CLOTHING" shirt ("Stop looking at my shirt, my lies are up here!") and a jacket reading, "HOW MANY MONSTROUS ACTS DO I HAVE TO SUPPORT BEFORE PEOPLE FINALLY START SEEING ME AS COMPLICIT IN THIS?"

Check the video above to see where Colbert and Fallon decide to go to lunch.

Colbert proceeded to launch an impassioned defense of Corden, before abruptly stopping once he received word the president was actually talking about him, not Corden.

On Colbert's show, the short video opened with Colbert writing a joke and congratulating himself - "Great monologue!" - before answering a video call from Fallon.

"The last time someone else tooted Trump's horn it cost him $130,000", Fallon said.