US Open: Phil Mickelson melts down, hits still-rolling ball

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On the green in three, Mickelson had an 18-footer for a par, but as his ball zoomed past the hole and on to the slope heading off the putting surface, his frustration boiled over. "It's amusing. I just wanted to get to the next hole and did not see that happening without the two shots". "I took the two shot penalty and moved on", replied Phil. Instead of waiting for the inevitable, Lefty ran over to the ball while it was still moving. and hit it back at the hole.

"That's the most out of character I've ever seen Phil Mickelson", Paul Azinger said on the Fox broadcast. The two players shared a laugh after the freaky turn of events and Johnston later said he's never seen anything like it. "It's my understanding of the rules, I've had multiple times where I've wanted to do that, I just finally did".

Allen reports that the USGA are satisfied with levying a two stroke penalty.

Mickelson took a two-shot penalty for the infraction, then finished up for what was initially reported to be a quadruple bogey nine.

The chuckles continued on the next hole, when Mickelson tried to pull off a gravity-assisted trick shot.

Many immediately the moment to John Daly, who also hit a moving putt during the 1999 U.S. Open at Pinehurst. Mickelson's shocking display in the third round earned him a two-stroke penalty and led to a 10 on the hole, an 81 overall.

Afterward on the Fox broadcast, Mickelson acknowledged that he struck the ball with the intent of stopping it from rolling off the green, and receiving a two-shot penalty. The Committee could have ruled that Mickelson stopping his ball on the green allowed him "a significant advantage".

And just in case you didn't understand, he added the following while speaking to reporters: "If somebody's offended by that, I apologize".