WH Advisor: ‘Special Place in Hell’ for Trudeau

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Navarro was referring to the prime minister's announcing after the Group of Seven meeting Saturday that Canada will "not be pushed around" by the US with its decision to slap tariffs on some imports from Canada and other countries.

"Canada is the biggest single purchaser of USA goods and services in the world", he noted, stressing that the US runs a trade surplus with Canada. "It's Canada. So it just seems to me this is the wrong target".

"This is a more or less balanced relationship and one that's vitally important to businesses and consumers on both sides of the border, and one that Trump supporters have no problem with", the former prime minister noted.

Reacting to Mr Trump's tweets, Mr Trudeau's office said: "We are focused on everything we accomplished here at the summit".

Talks to modernise NAFTA, which started last August, have effectively stalled as Canada and Mexico resist USA demands for major changes such as the sunset clause and boosting the North American content of autos made in the three nations. "I don't think that inflammatory language makes things better".

WASHINGTON-Top advisers to U.S.

Trump called Trudeau "dishonest & weak" after Trudeau said at a news conference that Canada would retaliate for new us tariffs.

Trump accused Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of making "false statements", and said the USA is looking into automobile tariffs.

At issue are USA tariffs against Canada and Trudeau's effort to retaliate against its neighbor - as well as Trudeau's comment to reporters that all seven leaders had come together to sign a joint declaration after the G-7 meeting.

The Americans negotiated with the G7 leaders in good faith and were ready to support the final communiqué and then, as Kudlow recounted, "We get on the plane and then this guy Trudeau starts blasting us".

He contrasted Trudeau's behavior during the meetings, which he characterized as "so meek and mild" with him calling the tariffs "kind of insulting" and saying Canada "will not be pushed around" after the president left. "Our Tariffs are in response to his of 270 percent on dairy!" the United States president tweeted.

A Democratic congressman chastised Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Sunday for "sabotaging" trade negotiations as the fallout from this weekend's tense G7 summit continues, lending President Trump some bipartisan support as the war of words between the two countries escalates.

Economic adviser Kudlow likewise accused Trudeau of stabbing Trump in the back and called Trudeau's speech after the summit, in which he promised "retaliatory" tariffs, a "sophomoric political stunt" and "double cross".

It comes after Trudeau explained his position at a news conference in which he outlined the difficulties in moving forward with the North American Free Trade Agreement.