Caver who helped in Thailand rescue considers legal action against Elon Musk

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Vernon Unsworth, 63, said he was "astonished and very angry" at the attack, for which Musk offered no evidence or basis.

If you're already acquainted with Musk and his weird entanglement with the Thai cave story, you may skip to the end of this report for a fuller accounting of his baseless pedophilia accusations.

As for Musk's submarine? Only people in sight were the Thai navy/army guys, who were great.

Claus Rasmussen, a Danish national and diving instructor in Thailand, called the allegations "inappropriate" and praised Unsworth's role in the rescue.

The executive challenged Unsworth to post a video of the final rescue to prove his claim that the pod wouldn't have been able to penetrate even the first 50 meters of the cave from the dive start point.

The company, which has had only two profitable quarters, is deep in debt and will have trouble meeting Musk's prediction of a profit in the second half of this year, Spiegel said.

Asked by the Guardian if he would consider taking legal action, he said "Yes, it's not finished".

Asked how he felt about Musk's remark, Unsworth added: "I am not gonna make any further comment about him but I think people realize what sort of a guy he is". "I will attempt to be better at this", Musk said. "I'm certain they wish he would be a more cautious tweeter". Unsworth's knowledge of the Thai cave system helped rescuers locate the missing soccer team. He also called it a "PR stunt".

A Thai military official told the New York Times that the mini submarine could be useful in some future rescue mission in open water.

He then reportedly went after Unsworth, calling him a "pedo" in a now deleted tweet.

Pressed to explain the accusation, Musk instead doubled down: "Bet ya a signed dollar it's true". He said Musk, whom he had never met, must have a "bruised ego".

At a time when criticisms of Musk's electric vehicle company Tesla have ramped up, the 47-year-old tech magnate has publicly sparred with people on numerous fronts - a remarkable form of conduct for a chief executive, even one as outspoken as Musk.

Representatives of T. Rowe Price, Fidelity Investments and Baillie Gifford - Tesla's three largest shareholders, behind Musk himself - also declined to comment.