Wimbledon wont budge on World Cup final clash

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The men's final is scheduled to take place at 2pm on Sunday while the World Cup final starts two hours later at 4pm.

Facing continuing conflicts with England's run through the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Wimbledon has chose to relax its rules about mobile phones. Wimbledon rules state that mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices "must be switched off in and around the courts in play".

Though the World Cup is likely to draw a bigger TV audience, a lot of us would be disappointed to miss the Wimbledon final.

Lewis also confirmed that the big screen at Wimbledon is reserved for tennis, the BBC reports.

The current Wimbledon edition will stay in the history due to the coinciding of the men's singles final, that will start on Sunday at 2:00 PM, with the World Cup final, that takes place at 4:00 PM UK time.

The All England Club's chief executive Richard Lewis is clearly a bit anxious about his precious mounds and seats and strawberry concession stands being deserted on Wednesday for the semi-final and potentially as dead as a suburban high street on Sunday should England's young and suddenly decent players make the final, so has yielded to modernity.

Said Lewis: "We want people to be able to enjoy in this modern era the fact that this is a tennis event but that there is something else very special going on".

"What will happen next Sunday is Centre Court will be packed for the men's final and I'm sure people will be able to follow the World Cup final", Lewis told reporters on Monday.

"We didn't have one single complaint of anybody here feeling that the football interfered with their enjoyment of Wimbledon", he said.

"Saturday [when England played in the quarter final] was a fantastic day at the championships".

Having said all of this, if England are 1-0 up at half-time, you can bet your life that if whoever is in charge of the big screen on Henman Hill doesn't change the channel, they'll be subject to a sustained verbal volley of a ferocity which John McEnroe could only dream of. "They'll hear every point, Wow, Love-15, 15-30", the Swiss said with a smile.