Florida police union rescinds ticket discounts amid NFL National Anthem protests

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The league ruled its players must either stand during the anthem or stay in the locker room until the song's conclusion. "If you have already purchased a ticket to this game, we encourage you to call the Dolphins ticket office to request a refund because this organization does not honor first responders and the danger they put themselves in every day".

At least five players silently demonstrated during the national anthem during a full slate of preseason NFL games on Thursday.

Skirvin said the union requested the same ticket plan past year with members attending the first responder night, but players protested.

The Broward County Police Benevolent Association said it entered into an agreement with the Dolphins to offer its members discounted tickets to a game in the coming season. "As an organization, we can't participate in anything with the National Football League as long as these protests continue".

"The NFL players are at it again - taking a knee when they should be standing proudly for the National Anthem", Trump wrote via Twitter.

The Palm Beach Country Police Benevolent Association posted the same message on its Facebook page. In July, the players association filed a grievance, saying the new policy infringed upon player rights and was enacted without consulting the union.

The policy was frozen after the league received a wave of complaints from players. "Among several players who protested during Thursday's games included Malcolm Jenkins, who raised a fist during the anthem".

Trump added that players should stand for the anthem or be suspended without pay.

The Miami-Dade police union said many of its member officers declined to provide off-duty security at Dolphins games, last season, because of the protests.

Three Dolphins' players, including Kenny Stills, were the only ones to kneel during the anthem.

Much like a dog yapping at a squirrel in a tree, President Trump couldn't resist commenting on the protests.