Of Aretha Franklin's Most Diva-ish Moments

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She passed away at home in Detroit from advanced pancreatic cancer.

She was the "Queen of Soul" for half a century. and now Aretha Franklin has gone home.

Elton John, a friend and fan of Aretha Franklin's, posted a long tribute to the legendary singer on social media shortly after her passing after a long battle with cancer.

"We sincerely apologize to Aretha Franklin's family and friends", spokeswoman Jessica Santostefano said in a statement to HuffPost.

'We have felt your love for Aretha and it brings us comfort to know that her legacy will live on. "She was elegant, graceful, and utterly uncompromising in her artistry", the former first couple said.

Billy Mitchell, known as "Mr. Apollo", is the long-time historian for the theater, which since 1934 has launched the careers of many of America's greatest black artists.

Singers and musicians quickly flooded social media in mourning her passing, which came on the same day that fellow United States music giant Elvis Presley died at his home in Memphis, the city where Franklin was born, 41 years ago. In 2009, for the inauguration of Barack Obama, she performed "My Country, 'Tis of Thee".

Aretha may have passed on to a better place, but the gift of her music remains to inspire us all.

"What I love about it is that she never lost her connection to the church and that church training was always channeled through her music regardless of what she was singing", Staton told RNS. Her "30 Greatest Hits" album hit the No. 1 spot, replacing Nicki Minaj's new album, while "Respect" reached No. 2 on the songs' charts. In 1987, she was the first female artist to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She was more than the Queen of Soul. But Aretha did and she raised the roof.
She sang and played magnificently, and we all wept. Her father was famous in his own right, and when the family moved to Detroit while Aretha Franklin was a child, their house often hosted figures like Nat King Cole, Martin Luther King Jr, and Mahalia Jackson. I'm going to hope, pray and count on the fact that I will see her again sometime. She begins her solo with "The moment I wake up/Before I put on my makeup/I say a little" before backup singers chime in with "prayer for you". President George W. Bush awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2005.

Aretha Franklin, the undisputed "queen of soul", died on August 16 at the age of 76.

Franklin, who had announced retirement plans in 2017, had hoped to continue touring in 2018.