Amazon Echo Sub and Smart Plug leak: Two new Alexa-powered devices

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The next-generation Echo Dot is 70 percent louder than its predecessor, with a new mic array, and a larger driver (1.6 inches compared to 1.1 inches) for the same $49.99 price. This is something that has previously been impossible to do with Echo devices. You can tell an Echo to add time to the microwave, or ask it to stop.

The Echo Input ($34) is a coaster sized device that can be paired with other speakers or can be purchased bundled with third-party options. It costs $35 and ships later this year.

You can hang Alexa up on the wall now in the form of a $30 wall clock. Basically, you can control it via voice or manually. The redesigned, yet identically-named Amazon Echo Show is ready for pre-order today at the same $230 (£220) price, and will start shipping next month. "The new design features a 10" display (up from 7") and new speaker system for enhanced audio with real-time Dolby processing. There's now Skype support for voice calls, along with Silk and Firefox browsers, and integration with Amazon Meal Kits. You can either pair a single Echo/Echo Plus with the Sub or two of them for a 2.1 speaker set where each of the Echo/Echo Plus become individual stereo speakers.

Unlike the Dot this gadget doesn't feature an in-built speaker with users simply attaching this device to an existing speaker via Bluetooth or the 3.5mm headphone port. Background road noise, the sound of the radio, and other people talking can get in the way of Alexa understanding, hence the need to squeeze eight microphones inside. All of the devices will be powered by Alexa, meaning in-built voice assistant. As the name implies, the devices are all apart of the Alexa digital assistant ecosystem, giving you more control over more parts of your smart home with just your voice, and giving Jeff Bezos more money to create schools where "kids are customers".

Alexa Guard is Amazon's entry into the home security market. The main screen display depict as a tablet computer shows you a relevant information such as weather, traffic, upcoming commute date and time, with a space to see more cards.

To that end, Alexa's does-what-it-says-on-the-tin Multi-Room Music feature will soon be available to all device makers, such as Sonos and Bose, as Amazon was keen to name-drop.

Below you can view all of the new products and a rundown of what they do, but a lot was done for Alexa products behind the scenes, too.