Google limits Pixel 3's fast wireless charging to certified devices

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But has Google done enough for its latest phone to compete with the best alternatives, or is this still a slightly niche device? Though Night Sight isn't coming to the Pixel 3 until next month anyways, so it would have been a huge surprise to see it available on the Pixel and Pixel 2 this early. That makes it large and sharp but not quite as large or sharp as many flagship rivals, such as the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

As a final test, the GFXBench OpenGL's 1080p Manhattan Offscreen test crowned the iPhone XS as an undisputed benchmark king. Depends on which side you look at it from. The phone also has a tall 18:9 aspect ratio, which again is common this year.

The screen space is bigger thanks to slimmer bezels and taller aspect ratio but there's a chin and a much-talked about notch on the bigger Pixel. If you're among those who don't know to go about it, then you would be happy to know that there are not one, but three different ways to take a screenshot on the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL devices.

However, it's a premium build all in all. The option to hide the notch is also buried deep inside the developer options.

And those big bezels we mentioned serve a objective, as they house dual front-facing speakers, which can deliver powerful (for a phone) stereo sound. Sadly, this function is now restricted to Google's family of Nest devices, and while I did have a chance to see this in action during the Pixel 3 launch event, I don't own any Nest products myself, so I haven't been able to actually test it out. Pixel 3 costs Rs 71,000 for the 64GB storage variant. The most obvious of these is that none of these features work with non-Pixel phones, which is a real shame because numerous features are rooted in software, one might think it would be Google's interest to make them available to the wider Android community.

Google said it was because the Pixel 3 does not support 10W Qi charging at all.

But it's a good one.

But sometimes all this good work can be quickly undone when the basics don't work. The Pixel 3 has dual front-facing cameras. And while Google doesn't have any insane deals, they will give you YouTube Music free for a while, no-interest financing, and they have good trade-in options too. They're high-quality lenses too.

There's now an APK available to download the Google Camera's latest feature. Its nearly like google wanted to show off the internals of their newest flagship; the Pixel 3. But in contrast, the Pixel 3 XL was significantly slower to recall the previous apps from its memory.

The first method is the universal method to take a screenshot on all Android devices and since the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL is an Android device, the method will also work for it. Most smartphones use that for modes that the user won't use often, like Professional or Black and White modes. So you don't have an image with some people smiling and others not. You'll find out here, and be sure to check out the gallery below to look at everything in up-close detail.