Meghan Markle's Royal Tour Look Crashed This Designer's Website

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When Harry reached out to meet a five-year-old boy, who has been identified as Luke Vincent, he was in for a surprise.

The Royal couple then paid a visit to the Toronga Zoo and got up close and personal with some very funny-looking Australian critters.

And it turns out that, by simply sporting the jeans on her visit, the duchess has helped to boost the local fashion house and the cause it supports.

But this wasn't just any old banana bread - with guests praising the Duchess for adding a spicy twist to the morning tea favourite.

The Daily Mail's Rebecca English said Meghan baked the banana bread last night in the kitchen at Admiralty House.

It's been a week of constant royal news after it was announced that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting their first child.

"He offered to stay for two weeks so we could have some more of the rain".

One woman even had the flies swatted away by Harry, who drew laughs from the crowd for this comical swatting technique.

Speculation has already turned to whether the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will have a boy or girl - but experts and psychics are predicting the couple could be welcoming twins.

Daniella Clews, 12, and Sovanah Doherty, 11 from Dubbo West School scored hugs from the couple.

During their first public appearance after announcing their pregnancy on Monday, 14 October, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (37), now on a visit to Australia, interacted with members of the public who were eagerly waiting to see them outside the Sydney Opera House, People reports.

He said being in Dubbo "brings back memories of 2003, when I spent time jackarooing [working] on a small 16,000 hectare property" in Queensland.

Kensington Palace made the announcement after the The Duke and Duchess of Sussex touched down in Sydney, Australia, for their first foreign trip together.