Microsoft announce the new Surface Laptop 2

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Now, Microsoft is prepping up for a big event later today in NY where it will unveil new devices.

Also read: Microsoft schedules event for October 2 in New York: New Surface Pro incoming? Given the degree to which the company now pumps its own cloud storage offerings, either is possible - Microsoft would much rather sell you a reoccurring subscription to its own services than sell you an SSD you won't pay for in perpetuity.

Since Microsoft is not live streaming this event, we're going to bring the news to you the "old-fashioned" way: with a live blog.

Last June, Microsoft updated the Surface Pro 4 to the Surface Pro, dropping the numbering system while refreshing to Kaby Lake processors and therefore fixing the power management issues that plagued the Skylake lineup.

As mentioned above, the external design of the Surface Pro 6 remains largely unchanged thanks to the trademark hinge and aluminum casing. The base Surface Pro 6 is expected to feature 4GB of RAM and an Intel Core m3 CPU.

The report continues by noting that a new internal design should improve battery life, with Microsoft saying it should last you for nearly 14 hours. It weighs just 1.7 pounds.

Both devices will reportedly come with Windows 10 in S-mode pre-installed. That's a nice update, with the base Surface Laptop previously only having 4GB of RAM. Again from The Verge, "This year's refresh appears to be nearly entirely a spec update".

Microsoft has not detailed the exact battery capacity present inside the Surface Pro 6, but the company does state that the machine will be able to give you 13.5 hours of endurance.

The keyboard is covered in Microsoft's "Signature Alcantara" fabric, making it even quieter than before.

This model is apparently 85 percent faster than the last generation's and sports what Microsoft calls the thinnest LCD ever used on a touch laptop. The Surface Studio 2 also features Nvidia Pascal graphics, improved display and it's the fastest Surface device. The display, powered by 13.5 million pixels, is nearly 40 percent brighter, however, with more contrast. Surface Headphones will be available later this year. (Apple allows such an integration for its iMessage service.) You can also integrate a To-Do list with, and drag an item into an open slot on your calendar to block time to finish it.

However, you shouldn't expect major movements when it comes to dramatically upgraded specifications. Surface Headphones offer a smarter way to listen, with spectacular rich audio and hands-free calling.