Pompeo Says U.S., North Korea 'Pretty Close' to Holding Second Summit

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North Korea so far has suspended nuclear and missile tests, freed three American prisoners and dismantled parts of a missile engine facility and tunnel entrances at a nuclear test site.

Trump and Kim held an historic first summit in Singapore on June 12 at which Kim pledged to work toward denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. No, really. He wrote me handsome letters, and they're great letters.

Speaking to reporters en route to Japan, Mr Pompeo said the plan was to "develop options for both location and timing" for a second summit, although he doubted they would "get it nailed" down mostly due to scheduling and logistics issues. He and Biegun both said they expected meetings at the working level to begin soon and become quite frequent before the next summit.

Kim "expressed his gratitude to President Trump for making honest effort" to implement the Singapore agreement, according to a report on the Pompeo visit by North Korea's state news agency KCNA. "Based on mutual respect and accommodation of each other's concerns, China is willing to continue its unique and important role".

In May, Pyongyang failed to follow through with its promises to allow inspectors to assess its demolition of Punggye-ri in what has become a roadblock in the country's denuclearization commitment.

Though the Vatican confirmed their receipt at the time of an official invitation delivered on behalf of Kim Jong Il by the South Korean ambassador in Rome, the Pope did not in the end travel to North Korea.

Wang, also a state councillor, accused Washington of escalating the trade conflict, interfering with Taiwan, and levelling false accusations about China's domestic and foreign policies, according to a readout posted on China's foreign ministry website.

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China has retaliated with its own set of tariffs, and has accused the U.S. of launching the largest trade war in economic history.

On Sept. 18, Chinese state television reported that the government has made a decision to impose tariffs of 5 to 10 percent on $60 billion worth of U.S. products, starting that following Monday.

China hit back angrily, implying that it is the United States that has a track record of meddling in other countries' business. They will use it as a bargaining chip in this whole process. North Korea has shut it down in past negotiations - and then reopened it. USA officials also made no reference to past statements about wrapping up denuclearization by 2021, a deadline that Trump and Pompeo have since backed away from. "Anytime after that, it's going to get a lot harder", explained Harry Kazianis, director of defense studies at the Center for The National Interest.

'Now, we haven't removed sanctions, as you know.

They also said the two sides agreed to hold a second round of negotiations between the United States and North Korea as early as possible. "All that China has to do is open up the taps and maximum pressure is toast".

Tensions are rising: USA and Chinese destroyers had a near-miss in the South China Sea recently near Gaven Reef, part of the disputed Spratly archipelago where China has developed military outposts.

Meeting at the Diaoyutai Guest House, Wang told Pompeo that the United States has "stepped up rhetoric over trade tensions" after a raft of tit-for-tat tariffs on billion of dollars in USA and Chinese goods. The remarks come amid heightened tensions and trade frictions.