White House Edits Transcript to Reflect Trump's Insult to Reporter

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The president this time raised some eyebrows while taking questions after the morning presser at the White House on Monday on the newly agreed U.S. -Canada-Mexico trade deal, which was hailed as "truly historic" and "an unbelievable deal for a lot of people".

She's like in a state of shock, ' Trump said Monday as ABC News reporter Cecilia Vega remained seated and looked around for a staffer to hand her a microphone.

Vega promptly responded that she wasn't. Vega answered "I'm not, thank you", to which the president accused the reporter of not thinking.

Trump went on to discuss how he had avoided alcohol. "You never do", Mr Trump said.

"Now that you've answered several questions on trade, I'd like to turn to Judge Kavanaugh", she said.

"She's shocked that I picked her", Trump said.

Later in the conference, Trump did belittle CNN's Kaitlan Collins when she asked a question about Brett Kavanaugh, demanding her question be only about trade and wagging his finger at her.

Vega used Twitter shortly afterwards to express her right to ask any question she desires, and cited the First Amendment.

Kavanaugh has faced allegations of sexual misconduct by three women, Christine Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick. "I think it's the - to me, it's the most exciting thing you can talk about".

The morning after releasing a transcript that misrepresented an uncomfortable exchange the president had with a female reporter on Monday, the White House sent out a corrected version.

"Don't do that", Trump interrupted Collins. I mean, he talked about things that happened when he drinks - this is not a man that said... that he was flawless with respect to alcohol. "You never do", Trump shot back.

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