Genoa offers to host Libertadores

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Alejandro Dominguez, CONMEBOL's president, eventually did the right thing, saying that the game would be postponed until 5 p.m. the following day.

Despite the fact that a number of Boca players were ready to take the field, made a decision to postpone the game until at least Sunday.

But before the match, riots broke out after fans of river Plate threw stones at the bus with the players of Boca juniors and used them against pepper gas.

A four-man CONMEBOL disciplinary committee is due to meet on Tuesday to decide River's punishment.

"Our city, close in a historical, cultural and sporting way in Buenos Aires, feels deep and indissoluble links with your two prestigious clubs, which were founded by our countrymen who emigrated from Italy to Argentina in the early twentieth century and are today twinned with our two teams, Genoa and Sampdoria". Colombia has also reportedly offered to host the game.

Boca believe River Plate should be disqualified and that Boca should be awarded the title.

"We have to play this match".

River Plate supremo Rodolfo D'Onofrio claimed there had been pressure all the way from the top of Federation Internationale de Football Association for the game between River and Boca to be played on Saturday at the Monumental stadium, even with the unrest that left some Boca players injured and ultimately resulted in the postponement of the game. River fans were able to attack the bus despite it having a police escort.

Billed as the biggest club game in South American football history, the second leg was twice delayed on Saturday, postponed until Sunday and then called off following an attack by River Plate fans on the Boca team coach.

There were also the matters of the G20 summit taking place in Buenos Aires from Thursday and the need to have the South American champions decided in time for the World Club Cup that starts three weeks from now.

Time to play the match is limited, as the victor will represent South America in the FIFA Club World Cup which kicks off in the United Arab Emirates on December 12.

"Boca considers that [equal] conditions have not been established and asks for the game to be suspended and sanctions applied", the club had said in a statement reports the United Kingdom based newspaper.