Ivanka Trump on Private Email Use

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Ms Trump said the emails sent to her private account were mainly regarding scheduling and logistics to balance her home and work life.

Said Trump: "In my case all of my emails are on the White House server".

The use of the email account immediately drew comparisons to Clinton's exclusive use of a homebrew private email server for government business when she served as secretary of state - an issue then-candidate Trump used to his advantage during the 2016 campaign.

Mrs Clinton said she had been unaware of rules against using private email to conduct the public's business and had never knowingly emailed classified information.

Last week the Washington Post reported the eldest daughter of President Donald Trump, whose official title is assistant to the president, previous year sent hundreds of emails to White House aides, cabinet members, and her assistants from a personal email account. She added, "and one of the reasons that I have such a good relationship with him in both a personal and professional capacity is because I am incredibly candid with him".

When Roberts asked Ivanka if her father's authorization of "using lethal force if necessary" concerns her at all, Ivanka maintained his words had been twisted.

"There were no deletions", she added.

Image source You Tube screenshot
Image source You Tube screenshot

Trump acknowledged, "People who want to see it as the same (as Hillary Clinton's emails) see it as the same", but said that all of her emails were on the White House server and there was "no intent to circumvent" regulations for White House staff. 'In fact, we're instructed that if we receive an email to our personal account that could relate to government work, you simply just forward it to your government account so it can be archived'.

Ms. Trump's official White House title is "Advisor to the President", a role she officially accepted after appointment from her father, President Trump, in March of 2017. 'There's no equivalency to what my father's spoken about'. "They're all in presidential records".

"He knows exactly where I stand on any issue", she said.

Ivanka Trump said in the interview that her email use violated no rules.

"There really is no equivalency", she said.

Her comments largely echoed those of President Trump, who told reporters last week that his daughter "wasn't doing anything to hide her emails". 'I think it's been a long time that this has been ongoing, but I want it to be done in a way in which nobody could question that it was hurried or rushed'.

Asked if she advises him on his tone, Trump said, "He is my father, and he's my boss".