Mother reunited with son kidnapped 31 years ago

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A Canadian mom was reunited with her long-lost son over the weekend - 31 years after he was allegedly kidnapped by her ex husband.

Jermaine Mann had been told by his father that his mother died shortly after his birth, Toronto police said.

He and his father lived under assumed names in the United States until late last week, when his father was caught allegedly using falsified documents.

Lyneth Mann-Lewis, centre, of Brampton, Ont., is joined by family members while discussing what it what like reuniting with her son Jermaine Mann, who until recently, was living under an alias in the U.S, during a press conference at Toronto Police Headquarters in Toronto on Monday, October 29, 2018.

His father, 66-year-old Allan Mann, was arrested on Friday.

Canadian officials on Monday said they want to extradite Allan back to Canada to face kidnapping charges. "It is common for the other parent to say that a mother or a father is dead", she said.

Asked if there was anything she would like to say to him, Mann-Lewis said she would keep most of her thoughts to herself. "Believe that all things are possible".

On Friday morning, Mann-Lewis was about to board a flight to visit her long-lost son, but the flight was cancelled and she had to arrange another flight. He is said to have used a fake birth certificates to help create new identities for the two.

"They lived, basically, a life of lies as to who they were and what they did, unbeknownst to Jermaine", police detective Wayne Banks said.

In August, U.S. marshals interviewed several of Allan Mann's relatives and friends, including a family member who led authorities to CT and his alleged alias, according to an arrest warrant affidavit prepared by a HUD special agent.

Now Mann-Lewis was coming to CT to see her son, a grown man working for the state of CT.

The two countries made a decision to reprise the manhunt in 2016 - and US Marshals found relatives in August who revealed the pair had lived in the Bronx in the 1990s, then moved to CT under assumed names, according to the Hartford Courant.

Flanked by officials with the Missing Children Society, she said she agonized over the pending reunion, especially after her original flight to CT was cancelled and the party had to catch a later flight.

"The words 'your son is alive, we found him, ' that is breathtaking", she said.

"We are at the end of a long struggle and now it is time to move forward and that will be a new struggle".

The Courant reported that Jermaine sobbed quietly in the front row as his father appeared in court on Friday, and left the courthouse without commenting. I said, "God, that's my baby" - says Lynette Mann-Lewis. "During all these years her strength and her courage always gave us hope and spurred us to never give up".

All local leads on Mann Jr. went cold until Toronto police hooked up with U.S. Marshals at a 2016 fugitive conference where they discussed the Mann Jr. case. He had been living under the name Hailee Randolph DeSouza, according to federal officials.