Trump insults reporters, claims Acosta video wasn't altered

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It was an 87-minute marathon with nearly universally hostile questions from liberal reporters and combative answers from the President.

President Donald Trump both defended and distanced himself from controversial acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker during a Friday press conference. This type of craziness would have never happened during the Obama presidency.

CNN released its own statement about reporter, Phillip stating that she did not "ask a "stupid" question today at the White House". During the Obama years, the media acted like obedient lap dogs, but, in this administration, they have transformed into rabid attack dogs.

Trump called one of Phillip's questions "stupid", described Ryan as "a loser" and brushed off Alcindor, saying her question was "racist". "You are a rude, awful person".

On Saturday, Fox News host Jesse Watters mocked those angry about the White House sharing a doctored video of CNN reporter Jim Acosta refusing to hand a microphone to a Trump intern, and accused the reporter of "provoking a physical confrontation".

"The irony of this White House video involving Jim Acosta is that if it is found to be doctored, it will show the administration to be doing what it accuses the news media of doing - engaging in fake information", said Aly Colon, a professor in journalism ethics at Washington & Lee University.

"My friend @AprilDRyan is an incredible journalist and a wonderful person", Acosta stated. Unfortunately, he did not have the decency to realize that it was not his press conference, it was the President's press conference. He complained that the president didn't answer the question which targeted President Trump's rhetoric just after a newspaper shooting in Maryland. Acosta, a confrontational reporter known to challenge the president, had pushed back against previous remarks that a caravan of migrants from Central America making its way toward the USA was an "invasion".

In honor of Wednesday's episode, here's a list of some of the tenser exchanges between the White House and Acosta. He reportedly added that people weren't "treating the office of the president with respect". He's also had unkind things to say about women and people who are African-American.

Canadian journalists are no strangers to political efforts to impede their work, or finding that demonstrations of solidarity can be used to attack their objectivity.

Ryan, speaking on CNN on Friday, said that the three presidents she covered before Trump "understood that reporters were part of the underpinning of this nation".

At Wednesday's news conference, the antagonism reached a unsafe level.

The White House revoked Acosta's press badge and tweeted a video of the incident. the White House lied about the nature of the exchange. Sarah Sanders, the press secretary, said it was suspended "until further notice". He went on to insult other members of the White House press corps, including April Ryan, the correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks and one of a small number of African-American reporters who cover the administration.

Press advocates anxious, though, that Trump might bar these reporters from the White House if they continued to hit him with tough questions.

With such a toxic relationship, it is fantastic that the President and Sarah Huckabee Sanders even participate in press conferences and allow themselves to be abused by the liberal and hostile media. "It's such a hostile media".

And the move sparked fresh public interest in an online petition being circulated by Media Matters for America, a non-profit media watchdog, that calls on other members of the association to show solidarity to any correspondent banned or blacklisted by the USA president. He represents all Americans, whether the media likes it or not.