Brie Larson Bashes An Alien Nan In The Full-Length 'Captain Marvel' Trailer

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Marvel Studios has released the second trailer for highly anticipated female superhero film Captain Marvel. According to Avengers: Infinity War concept artists, creating a design for Thanos' army that wouldn't be compared to Venom proved to be a challenge.

But the trailer than takes a turn, revealing that Danvers had a past life on Earth.

The footage features a number of flashback shots to her time on Earth, along with her Air Force pilot friend Maria "Photon" Rambeau (Lashanna Lynch). It also unveils that the film will center around the Kree and Skulls, two alien races featured heavily in the Marvel comics.

Jude Law plays Mar-Vell and we get a glimpse of him.

That debut trailer for Captain Marvel featured a striking moment for those who don't know much of the Kree/Skrull backstory that serves as a major foundation for the upcoming movie: Captain Marvel punches an old lady in the face.

"So, Skrulls are the bad guys?" a young Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson, with the help of some impressive CGI) asks Danvers in the clip. Skrull commander Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) may be the primary target, but the Kree Empire may not like the Carol Danvers who comes back from Earth after completing the mission. We see Danvers taking out a room full of baddies all at once with an energy attack, and then - in all her blazing glory - streaking through space, indiscriminately laying waste to what appears to be an entire armada of invading Skrull vessels.

Captain Marvel will arrive in cinemas on March 8th, 2019. In the trailer, Captain Marvel returns to live longer, stronger and superior with flashes of random memories from the past and feels connected to the planet.

The mohawk helmet! The iconic outfit championed by comic book writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and made popular in her 2012 run of Captain Marvel is finally realized on the big screen, even if the colors are in the Starforce's color scheme. Gee, I wonder what that war could be? According to Rocket Raccoon, who ends up on Carol's ship, the cat is a really a Flerken.

The second trailer fleshes out more of the movie's plot.